Tran on Confirmation Hearings and SCOTUS Nominee

WASHINGTON -- Lynda Tran, Founding Partner at 270 Strategies, joined CBSN and Fox News this week to discuss Trump's Cabinet nominees, SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch, and Kellyanne Conway's ethics violation through her promotion of Ivanka Trump's fashion line.


On Democrats' strategy in Congress

“If there were issues that were before Members of Congress that aligned with their values and that they felt were in the interests of their constituents, I have no doubt that those Democratic leaders would want to work on them. But, what we are seeing right now is not about America coming together, there are very significant issues that are surrounding these nominees. Those who have been confirmed, including Betsy DeVos, who said that schools ought to have guns in them to protect themselves from grizzly bears, and did not have very simple knowledge when it pertained to laws that are already on the books that she is going to have to deal with like laws that are meant to protect students with disabilities. These are significant and real concerns, and the fact that Democrats took a stand against them does not mean that there is no strategy. Secondly, eventually, there’s going to be another election. The first round that’s coming is going to be during the midterms. Some of these members who stood with these nominees that have very significant issues related to them are going to be held accountable for that. That’s part of the solution.”

Fox News

On Judge Gorsuch's comments attacking judges

"The other individual who reported out on his meeting with Judge Gorsuch was Ben Sasse, who's a Republican, who essentially said the judge also made similar remarks there. So there's definitely some strategic considerations that are happening in all of these one on one conversations and also what's playing out publicly. Remember, Judge Gorsuch has to get to 60 votes in the Senate. So it behooves him to show some sort of daylight between him and the Trump Administration because he doesn't want to be cast as a rubber stamp for Donald Trump."

On Kellyanne Conway's ethics violation

"I think it's a huge deal. There's a reason why these ethics rules are in place and that government officials cannot endorse a company or a product. And what Kellyanne said was "I'm going to give her a free commercial here go out and buy this stuff."


Watch Lynda's interview on CBSN here and her interview on Fox News here.

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