270 Strategies on Trump's Response to North Korea's Missile Test, "The Resistance"

WASHINGTON -- Lynda Tran, Founding Partner at 270 Strategies, and Hari Sevugan, Principal at 270 Strategies, joined Fox News this week to discuss Trump's response to North Korea's missile test and increased resistance to his Administration.

Hari Sevugan on Fox Sunday

On Trump’s response to North Korea

“Well I’m glad he responded. His initial response was about Mark Cuban, so it’s reassuring. But, I do think that what happened with North Korea as well as the missile test in Iran and as well as Russian aggression around Ukraine is a natural consequence of this President emboldening our adversaries and our enemies. At the same time, he is alienating our allies. You see what he did with Australia and the Prime Minister.”

Lynda Tran on Fox Monday

On CBS News poll showing that 35% will resist to Trump no matter what

“I think that if you take a cue from the various protests we’ve seen since the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, I think the answer is probably a resounding no. I think that that’s what you’re seeing in this poll. I think that what’s actually more concerning for Donald Trump is that 22%, that number is actually down from what exit polls suggested around Election Day in terms of the true believers and the folks who would stand with Donald Trump no matter what. Of course, as always, it’s those people in the middle who are waiting to see if he is going to deliver on his promises on the economy, depending on which end of the spectrum you are talking about, waiting to see if he’s going to work with the opposition side."


Watch Hari's interview here and Lynda's interview here.

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