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We are pleased to announce that 270 Strategies will hold its first 270///360 Training Intensive this fall. We believe that developing and empowering leaders is critical to the success of progressive grassroots movements - and we’re setting out to do something about it.

Participants from around the world will gather in Chicago for a five-day intensive training on grassroots campaigns. They will learn from the architects of the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns as well as other prominent strategists, activists and thought leaders before deploying for five weeks to work on Democratic campaigns across the country.

270///360 Participants will learn by doing as they work with campaign teams to implement the 270 organizing model on the ground for five weeks, preparing to roll up their sleeves for the most intense of all campaign experiences – GOTV.

After Election Day, participants will gather once more in Chicago to celebrate successes, debrief lessons learned, and discuss how they can apply these lessons back home. All with an eye toward progress and changing the world.

Participants from outside the United States are encouraged to apply. The 270///360 Training is designed to give international organizers experience in state-of-the-art US campaigning. You'll learn how to build strong teams of volunteers; use the press to help your cause; amplify your digital efforts on Twitter, Facebook and email; and develop data and analytics skills to make sure your voters come to the polls on Election Day.

We’re looking for visionary organizers who will soak up the experience, dive into the work headfirst, and embrace the collision of ideas and best practices learned on the campaign trail as an opportunity for learning and innovation.

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Training Dates:

Intensive Training, Campaign Immersion and Key Learnings Conference:

• September 29 - October 3: 5-day intensive training in Chicago

• October 4 - November 9: Hands-on organizing on battleground Democratic campaigns. Election day is November 4.

• November 10: Key Learnings Conference (*Location TBD)

Options are also available to participate in the 5-day Intensive Training and Key Learnings Conference only.

Application Due Date: Although the application period for 270///360 has closed, please submit an application below if you're still interested in being considered for this year's program in case space becomes available.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applicants will need to start their US visa application process immediately upon acceptance into the program to ensure timely processing and secure travel arrangements.

Training Cost:

• Full 6-week Intensive Training and Campaign Immersion: $5,000 USD

• 5-day Intensive Training and Key Learnings Conference only: $3,500 USD

• Multiple scholarships are available for qualified applicants. Please submit your training application to be considered.

Featured Speakers and Trainers: Presenters will include Partners Jeremy Bird, Mitch Stewart, Betsy Hoover, Meg Ansara, Mark Beatty, Lynda Tran, and others from the 270 team.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

NOTE: We encourage Canadians to apply through our partner in Canada, the Broadbent Institute, to be considered for a limited number of subsidized spots in this program.

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