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#270chat: Having time for social media and the art of scheduling

270 Strategies | December 15, 2014

Digital team members Katie Margillo and Nick Dean let readers in on their work chats once a week. This week, they talk managing the time you spend on your brand's social media, and tips for staying ahead of the curve.

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#270chat: New platforms and how brands are using them

270 Strategies | December 09, 2014

Digital team members Katie Margillo and Nick Dean let readers in on their work chats once a week. This week, they talk about new social platforms and understanding the risk and reward of jumping in early.

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#270chat: Staying Relevant on Social

270 Strategies | December 02, 2014

Digital team members Katie Margillo and Nick Dean let readers in on their work chats once a week. This week, they discuss keeping social posts relevant, why it matters, and what it takes to do real-time posting well.

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#270chat: Weighing Your Options On Social

270 Strategies | November 25, 2014

Digital team members Katie Margillo and Nick Dean let readers in on their work chats once a week. This week, they talk about knowing where your brand should exist on social, and some questions to ask before diving in.

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Bold Action on Immigration Brings Hope to Millions, Time for Congress to Get to Work

270 Strategies | November 21, 2014

Luis Avila on President Obama's comprehensive immigration reform announcement

As the President said, Congress needs to finish its job: passing a comprehensive immigration bill that allows these families to be fully integrated into society and expediting the process for those who already have applications in the system.

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#270chat: Can A Brand Really Have A Social Voice?

270 Strategies | November 18, 2014

Digital team members Katie Margillo and Nick Dean let readers in on their work chats once a week. In this first installment, they talk branding, social media and the sense of a 'voice' with branded social accounts.

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270/360 Training Recap

270 Strategies | October 06, 2014

From staff to trainees, thanks to all who made 270/360 possible!

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The End of an Era

270 Strategies | September 27, 2014

Eleis Brennan reflects on Yankees captain Derek Jeter's lasting impact.

On Thursday night, the Captain of the New York Yankees donned the pinstripes and took his position at shortstop for the last time. Jeter was visibly emotional throughout the game, a rarity for a guy who is usually all-business and focused on one thing: winning.

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Scottish Election Update

270 Strategies | September 19, 2014

Caroline Ettinger on the outcome of Scotland's independence referendum

Since my first post on Scottish independence, five months have passed, polls have gone up and down, and finally, Election Day came. While the result was not what the Scottish National Party (SNP) had hoped and worked for--Yes Scotland lost 44.7% to 55.3%--what transpired in Scotland yesterday was by no means a complete loss for the independence movement or for Scotland.

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Managing Up

270 Strategies | August 21, 2014

Tyler Brandon on managing up.

Even the best sometimes get busy, have a bad day, or are stronger in some areas. And this, dear colleague, is why knowing how to manage up is an invaluable skill. Everyone does it.

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Crafting to Concentrate

270 Strategies | August 14, 2014

Caroline Ettinger on how crafting and creativity are the keys to better concentration.

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Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird: Why we launched the 270///360 Training Program

270 Strategies | July 25, 2014

Founding Partners Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird discuss why we launched 270///360.

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Why We Train

270 Strategies | July 11, 2014

Vice President of Training & Development Kate Catherall on what we can all learn from a simple lesson in fishing.

I've learned that one of the greatest gifts you can give someone else is empowerment.

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270///360: Organize the World. Change the World.

270 Strategies | June 30, 2014

Training Associate Allie Ebner and Vice President of Training and Development Kate Catherall introduce our new Training Series with a post on our biggest training yet: 270///360.

270///360 is an extraordinary opportunity to learn by doing, build powerful communities, and create global change.

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It’s time that every working family can make it work

270 Strategies | June 27, 2014

Working mom Meg Ansara on making sure every working mom and dad have the opportunity to make it work.

For far too many, the concept of "work-life balance" remains unacceptably out of reach.

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Segregation yesterday, segregation today

270 Strategies | June 17, 2014

Max Wood on the human impact of being segregated in D.C.

People often discuss residential segregation and gentrification in American cities, but we don't talk as much about what it actually means for those pushed out to the brim of opportunity. So, using recent five-year estimates from the American Community Survey, I've tried to put together a small snapshot of how life in D.C.'s predominantly white and predominantly black neighborhoods differ.

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What about Tonalist?

270 Strategies | June 10, 2014

Eleis Brennan on Belmont Stakes' forgotten winner.

The coverage of the Belmont Stakes this weekend has focused almost exclusively on California Chrome's failure to achieve the elusive Triple Crown. If you look at the myriad articles written, most of them don't even mention Tonalist until several paragraphs into the story.

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How Data Can Increase Your Organization’s IMPACT

270 Strategies | May 09, 2014

Santiago Martinez on 270 Strategies' new IMPACT Series.

The better evangelists of data analytics we can be, the more data-driven practices will spread throughout our movements.

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Walking the tightrope: This working mom’s take on ‘having it all’

270 Strategies | May 06, 2014

270 partner and working mom Lynda Tran's take on 'having it all'

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, Father's Day coming up next month -- and so many moms and dads negotiating these kinds of dynamics -- we ought to have the discussion.

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Routines: the key to creativity?

270 Strategies | April 28, 2014

Rachel Campbell on the surprising link between routines and creativity.

Rather than feeling confining, working within the structure of routines can help keep these otherwise free-form processes concrete and productive.

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