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Organizing 2.0: Organize, Build, Develop, and Mash-Up

270 Strategies | April 17, 2014

Wadi Muhammad on organizing to build more resilient, sustainable, and vibrant communities.

Community organizers, developers, and builders need to not only understand each others' practices, but also appreciate how they can benefit from other community practices.

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Confessions of an Obsessive Tabber

270 Strategies | April 09, 2014

Email Strategist Tracy Rohrbach on why you should tab more.

Right about now, you probably think this is going to be a blog about how to organize your browser or curb your tabbing addiction. Au contraire. I think you should tab more!

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Ready For Hillary’s Website Offers A New Vision For Organizing

270 Strategies | April 09, 2014

Mitch Stewart on the new ReadyforHillary.com--a game-changer for campaign websites.

By building upon an already successful grassroots operation and expanding its reach with supporters, Ready for Hillary's grassroots-focused website represents the wave of the future.

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Making History: The Obamacare Organizing Success Story

270 Strategies | April 04, 2014

Jeremy Bird on the importance of organizing to the success of the Affordable Care Act.

7.1 million. That's the number of Americans who signed up for health care coverage during the first enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act, wildly exceeding cynical expectations after a slow start.

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How women are changing the world

270 Strategies | March 20, 2014

Greta Carnes on how women are changing the world--often, one community at a time.

Thanks to community organizing, we're seeing a new group of political volunteers emerge.

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The Color of Detention

270 Strategies | March 14, 2014

Luis Avila on the role prisons play in propagating cycles of poverty.

Police cars would patrol my neighborhood often. On several occasions, I would be pulled over for something trivial, like making a wide turn. Every time this happened I was asked for my documentation, my broken English worsening as I rushed to responded to officers performing what were routine stops. This is a reality many people of color--overwhelmingly African-American and Latinos living in low-income neighborhoods--experience every day.

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Don’t hate the gamer or their games

270 Strategies | March 13, 2014

Jesse Boateng on what the gaming community can teach us about grassroots organizing.

To the untrained eye, gamers are stereotyped as reclusive, antisocial, and generally lacking in interpersonal skills--all of which point in the opposite direction of organizing. But when it comes to organizing around their interests, this unassuming bunch knows how to appeal to their core and to the masses.

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270 Strategies | February 25, 2014

Eleis Brennan reflects on the Winter Olympics.

It's nice -- if only for a moment -- when we’re all on the same team.

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Making Fruitvale Station count

270 Strategies | February 18, 2014

Alina Hooper on making Fruitvale Station count.

The film is so real, so raw and so intimate in its details that viewing it is a painful, yet revelatory experience.

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Making Data Meaningful

270 Strategies | February 14, 2014

Santiago Martinez on making data meaningful.

If I wanted to listen to my record collection end to end, it would take me six days, twenty-two hours, fifty-eight minutes, and twenty-two seconds. How do I know something so ridiculous? Simple: I have the data to back it up. Since 2010, I've been keeping a catalog of my record collection--from its humble beginnings as a few records that I boosted from my dad's collection, to a collection that, in my mind, has grown fairly respectable.

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New York Times gives us Sochi in a way we’ve been waiting for

270 Strategies | February 13, 2014

270's Bridget Halligan shares the best content to come out of Sochi.

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Relationships, Empowerment, and Organizing

270 Strategies | February 07, 2014

270's Kate Catherall on the new year, new beginnings, and "empowerment organizing"

We're more than a month into 2014. New beginnings. New chapter. Whether we believe in resolutions or not, most of us are in the midst of trying to execute plans to be better versions of ourselves. It gets you thinking about what's important.

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Open Leadership

270 Strategies | February 05, 2014

270's Michelle Kleppe on what it means to be a leader

270 always says--that it's key to open up and allow opportunities--space--for staff and stakeholders to really live inside the vision of their organization. And there are a number of ways to do this…

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Five inspirational black women you should know about

270 Strategies | February 04, 2014

270's Lenora Hanks shares 5 inspirational black women you should know about.

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In celebration of Martin Luther King

270 Strategies | January 20, 2014

Our own Douglas Ely on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and one of his greatest mentors

In the past year we have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks' historic act of civil disobedience, and second inauguration of the first African American President of the United States. As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s enduring legacy, I'd like to note the influence of one of his mentors, Howard Thurman.

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Changing the Game

270 Strategies | January 07, 2014

What do Beyoncé and 270 have in common? Our own Alice McAlexander has the lowdown

While thinking about the groundbreaking release of "Beyoncé," I can't help but think of the parallels between Beyoncé's approach to her work and 270 Strategies approach to organizing. Her stealthy debut provides many lessons any organizer should follow

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6 Ways to Make Sure Your New Government Website is Amazing

270 Strategies | December 19, 2013

270's Andy Oare discusses the challenges in implementing a large government website and how to do it right

From 2009 to 2011, I worked as a New Media Specialist at the Department of Energy, and was part of the team that undertook a massive redesign of Energy.gov. How long did that redesign take us?

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Ready for Hillary Builds 2014 Excitement

270 Strategies | December 18, 2013

270's founding partner, Mitch Stewart on mounting enthusiasm surrounding Ready for Hillary

The organic excitement Ready for Hillary has harnessed is already making a difference in issues that matter now and will be a huge asset for Democrats across the country in the short-term.

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How zip codes determine social mobility

270 Strategies | December 09, 2013

270 partner, Meg Ansara highlights an issue that impacts nearly every city in the U.S.

As a recent transplant to Washington DC — by way of Chicago, though originally from Boston — I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of specific ZIP codes, and what it means to live in a certain place.

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Why SeaTac’s new minimum wage law matters - for every community

270 Strategies | November 26, 2013

270 partner, Lynda Tran on Seattle-Tacoma minimum wage increase

With the final outcome of the Seattle-Tacoma minimum wage ballot initiative certified and official today, area voters have made clear they agree that the community's hardworking families ought to be paid a minimum of $15 per hour.

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